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Greetings guys!
Hope you're all having a loverly summer. Just thought I'd post to say that, and also no stream this weekend. And probably next either because I think Derek's still off on his little vacation in Iowa-land, land of the Hawk-Eyes. Or is that ... um ... I dunno? I think that's right. Lol who cares.
Anyway, here's somethign else for you all to look at. A little community promotion from myself and Sam.

Hi Guys,
I thought maybe you'd be interested in joining this, since lots of blind people have perfect or relative pitch, or know people who do. This isn't a blindie's community, far from it; everyone is welcome. So tell your friends, join yourself, introduce yourself, and have fun, whether you have perfect pitch or not.
Do you wish you had perfect pitch? DO you know someone who does? Do you want to know more about it? Do you ever question what it's like for people who have perfect pitch, people who can pull notes out of thin air? Well, if any of these things apply to you, or you are just feeling like joining, hop on over to
and see what the fun's all about!
Hope to see you there!
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