Derek C (doodgeman) wrote in deraitland,
Derek C

Deraitland Stream Archive

Yes, you read correctly, I said Deraitland archive. For the first time in eight weeks and two days, there was actually a show that could accurately be called Deraitland Radio. On this show, we permitted only text-based interaction, and this worked better than our old format sometimes worked. While we do like the interactive side calls can give, when the show becomes entirely built around calls, as ours inevitably became, the show has a tendency to sink to a lower level than it could otherwise be. We're trying to figure out a way of balancing our show out in such a way that we can still allow people to call in, but where the show is not entirely centered around calls. Suggestions for doing this are welcome.
Anyway, I had a purpose other than going on a tangent about calls, and that was to post a link to the archive of this week's show. So, here it is. Enjoy or something.
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