Derek C (doodgeman) wrote in deraitland,
Derek C

Deraitland Radio This Week

Hi. First of all, sorry about our laxness (laxity? both are in the dictionary) regarding this community. Deraitland streams, or some form of them, have been carrying on relatively uninterrupted, and archives are uploaded for whenever there was a stream and whatever form it took. I'm writing now to tell you that Deraitland will be taking place during Blart Radio's normal slot this week and this week only. The methods of listening to and contacting us have not changed; or for broadband and dial-up respectively, for MSN or Windows Messenger, tbrnlive for both AIM and Skype, 866-509-tbrn (8276) for toll free calls (same disclaimer about call times applies), and (334) 239-0747 for calls paid for by you.
The show will take place tomorrow, Saturday January 7, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM Pacific, eight to ten Eastern, and the corresponding times in any other timezone that you might use as a reference to tell the time.
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