Derek C (doodgeman) wrote in deraitland,
Derek C

My Solo Stream

Since Caitlin's still at Music Camp, I did a solo stream in our normal slot on TBRN. When it's finished uploading in about twenty-one minutes, you'll be able to download the archive. This show passed back and forth between the two extremes of very boring and quite interesting. The main highlight of the show is the return of the mystery caller of a couple months ago, you know, the one who claims to be a resident of "the trailer down by the river next to the second mud hole." This show contains many clues as to who the person may or may not be, and it may be that our assumption of who the person was may be completely wrong. I'd be interested to hear people's take on which clues are true clues and which ones aren't, as well as guesses as to the true identity of this person.
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