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There'll Be A Show Today

Hopefully with both hosts, at some point!
I have choir, but will be back in the second hour of the show. Start out with Derek at 3:00 PM Pacific, 6 Eastern, and figure out yoru time zone from there, because I'm nto smart enough to. You know the URLs
for broadband at
for dialup.
I don't know if Derek's doing Icecast, so if you know what that is and are interested, ask him.
TBRNLive for AIM and Skype, for MSN, 866-509-8276 for the toll-free number, and if you can call long-distance, which would be great, use 1-334-2390741 and we'll all love you forever. Heh.
Have fun! And remember, if you don't want to hear me, clear out after the first hour, or you are doomed.
Caitlin Who Needs To Stop Posting Here aand Go To Rehearsal!
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