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Hi! You've reached Deraitland's Live Journal community! Feel free to join if you're interested in Deraitland, or just want to see what we're about. We encourage any discussion, as long as it is clean, and contains no profanity. Any profane speech or harassment will result in your being banned from this community. And you will have to beg and prove yourself worthy to get back in our good books. Or something. No seriously. Don't be afraid to join. As long as you're respectful, you're more than welcome! And tell your friends! Anyway, thanks for checking out this little community, and now go and make yourself at home!
Once you join, feel free to post and introduce yourself!
1. No swearing, dirty discussions, bashing, etc.
2. No quizzes please. If you put one in it will be deleted.
3. Have fun!
Be sure to check out our counterpart
, which explores and fathoms the mystery of everyone's favorite mystery caller, Wilbur E.
Your moderators are:
and Caitlin
Feel free to come to them with questions or comments.
Caitlin also would like to add that blindies might also be interested in:
. She has other blind communities to recommend, so if you're interested, feel free to comment on her journal and ask her, or contact her any other way you know how, or something.
Thanks again!